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Customizable, standards-based eToolkit to accelerate learning

Differentiate and personalize instruction to accelerate learning anytime, anywhere with the EmpowerED Learner eToolkit.

A green ray of color from the eToolkit.
An elementary school student is using the Empowered Learner Literary eToolkit on his laptop computer. He is learning about mentor texts.
This orange heart represents social emotional learning in the eToolkit.
This bright orange lightbulb represents clarity for learning.

“A lot of the parents of my students work a ton, so a lot of (the students) are home with brothers, sisters, babysitters…that could look at the exemplar and go, “Oh! You’re supposed to do this.”


Also, I knew what my students were learning. I didn’t have to guess. Because it is integrated with PearDeck, I can get that instant feedback. Having a teacher instead of just a computer really made their computers a lot more dynamic.”

Nicholas Bontrager, Admin. Intern / 3rd Gr. Bilingual Teacher 
Amistad Elementary, Kennewick, WA

An older sister and her younger brother look at a laptop screen together, with a graphic of a teacher on a laptop screen in the lower right corner and a ray of light in the background.

“It was by far the best thing we’ve ever done. It saved us… 


We have these units all ready. They were interactive, we had stories that were read to the kids, we had tasks for the kids to do, we even had clarity built-in for parents. We got such feedback from parents saying, “Oh my goodness. I can do this! I can help my child!”

Felicia Oliver, ELA Coordinator

Spartanburg School District 2, Spartanburg, SC

A LatinX mom assists her young son with his remote learning.

“Finally a supplemental tool with clarity and definitive purpose. 


Strictly aligned to standards, the EmpowerED Learner Etoolkit represents the modeling and formative assessment piece teachers previously spent hours self-creating and revising. As we work to infuse the Assessment for Learning framework into curriculum and instruction, this tool is what we all need to provide clarity and promote student ownership as our children navigate the progression. Simple to use for students and educators alike, and equally useful for distance and in-person learning, I am forever grateful for the creation of this resource.

Danielle Di Capua, 3rd Grade Teacher

Public School 22, Staten Island, NY

A 5th grade student has her headphones on while she watches her computer screen and completes some schoolwork. A ray of light and organge icons representing clarity, social emotional learning, and goal setting are in the background.

Differentiation and personalization is challenging with large groups of learners at varying levels. Often, families and learners are the victims of deficit thinking and are blamed and shamed when students aren’t on grade level. More and more, traditional teaching methods interfere with expanding student agency, motivation, and ownership. But customizing curriculum and making it relevant is challenging with most big box curriculum resources. 

Solving Problems of Practice Pain Points

It’s challenging to reach, teach, and personalize learning for every student.

Solutions to Create an EmpowerED Learner environment

Empower learners through personalized learning so they accelerate their learning while cultivating a healthy learning identity.

Learners can learn anytime and anywhere using asynchronous platforms of your choice.

Learners take ownership through deliberate practice, self-assessment, goal setting and revision.

Ensure that students-families are clear about learning expectations through success criteria.

Strengthen the CASEL SEL competencies of self-awareness and self-management.

Strengthen 1-1 and small group instruction by differentiating and personalizing instruction efficiently.

Customize tasks based on text complexity and relevance; add video and audio coaching from you!

Accelerate learning and innovate with the Empowered Learner eToolkit.

A note from the EmpowerED Learner eToolkit lead designer

Our current educational landscape calls for equity-driven learning experiences to ensure that our teachers use evidence-based practices that accelerate learning. When these practices are implemented with quality, students make learning leaps, learn from mistakes, persist through challenge, become more self-aware, problem-solve, and become a resource for each other in class. 


The communities we serve deserve an innovative approach to learning as we build back wiser. We must trust and inspire our students to take ownership of their learning so they can reach any goal they want to pursue.

Dr. Paul Bloomberg
Best-selling Author, Founder and Chief Learning Officer

The Core Collaborative Learning Network

"By far the best thing we've ever done."

This orange flag represents student goal setting in the eToolkit.
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